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I do recommend one Search Engine Software program and that is WebpositionGold2. This software will help you optimize your web pages for the major engines. You can get your FREE trial version of WebPosition Gold by clicking here .


I do recommend an Email Software program that I use to manage subscribers to my newsletters called, Mailloop. This software will help you organize your e-mail newsletters to your clients. Write one e-mail or newsletter and send it to as many clients as you like with one touch.
It is one of the best solutions for managing your own newsletters and email marketing campaigns. The cost is under $400. This software will allow to send out unlimited emails and automatically manage your subscribe/unsubscribe requests. You can download a trial version of Mailloop by clicking here .


DirectTrackT is an outstanding professional, scaleable affiliate/partner program tracking system. You own your own affiliate relationships, and have total flexibility to customize the settings in virtually any way you can imagine. We license you a copy for a one time setup fee of $995.00 and we charge $50/month fee for bandwidth/data transfer and administration page hosting. We do not charge a percentage of your payout to your affiliates. Many cutting edge features included that other companies charge extra for are included.


Revenue magazine is the first publication devoted entirely to the world of affiliate marketing. It brings you interviews with industry stars, site-building strategies, technology tips, marketing know-how and much more -- all geared to increasing your earnings and effectiveness as an affiliate. You'll read about great programs, affiliates who've generated big incomes, ways to optimize your site on the search engines, how to keep track of your finances, and everything else you need to know to create sites that succeed! Subscribe now !


My Affiliate Program is a lighting-fast, web-based Affiliate Marketing Tracking, Automation & Management Application that "plugs in" to virtually any website. No matter where your website is hosted, no matter how you take orders, you can run your own affiliate program on your own terms, with your unique strategy. Get this powerful technology for your business, for less than all other well known networks with MORE features and MORE flexibility! Plus, you can get started in under 24 hours because setup is a SNAP. Put the power of performance marketing, and My Affiliate Program to work for you today. For every day you "think over" what solution provider to use, you are losing valuable affiliate sales! Try My Affiliate Program NOW !

ARELIS is the new standard in Affiliate Recruitment software. Arelis automates a previously painstaking manual process with its great "Find Competitor Links" feature that allows you to quickly find all websites that link to your competitors. These are often affiliates that you can in turn write to and convey your program's offerings. ARELIS quickly locates these sites and helps you to convince them to link to your site. It keeps track of every site you send a request to, allows you to change the status of sites and generally keep track of what stage your requests is. Click here.

Recruit New Affiliates With The Affiliate Announce Submission Service!

If you want to attract new affiliate partners your first step should be to submit your program details to all the leading affiliate directories. These directories are very popular some with loyal subscribers exceeding tens of thousands. What's more most of these directories publish regular e-zines listing the latest entries, creating even more exposure for your program. This time saving tool is worth 3 times the $79 fee! Click here to get your program listed in over 50 of the top affiliate program directories.
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Includes 18 cool web tools
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