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Advantage And Benefit

Is Poor Link Popularity Hurting Your Search Engine Ranking?

Are you frustrated with your search engine ranking because you do not have enough links pointing to your site? Do you even know how many links you need for a top 1-10 ranking for your targeted marketplace? We can help by analyzing your competitors' link popularity strategy.

Search engines require you to have Link Popularity if you want your site to get a top 1-10 ranking for your targeted keywords. We invite you to take the next 5 minutes to read how we have solved this problem for many companies both large and small. The measurement of the quantity and/or quality of sites that link back to a Website is called Link Popularity.

Is it more important to have hundreds of links pointed at your Website or does the quality of the links make the difference in boosting your rankings? This question and others have driven many companies to SPAM search engines with endless amounts of worthless listings in link farms and redirect pages. Search Engines use what are called "algorithms" or "rules" to rank a Website for any particular keyword or search term. Our Link Popularity strategy focuses on building the proper inbound and outbound link structure for a targeted Website based on the top ranking sites for your targeted keywords.

Search Engines and Link Popularity

Every major Search Engine uses Link Popularity as one of their main algorithms. If two sites are equally optimized with the same Search Engine algorithms, the site with the better Link Popularity will ALWAYS outrank the other site every time. Link Popularity is a focal point of all the top Search Engines' ranking criteria.

Link Popularity is also one of the most misunderstood strategies among Internet marketers. Some believe that a good ranking for your Web pages are based on the number of links that point to your Website, and some believe that the quality of a link is more important than quantity. But how do you determine the linking qualities of a Website?

What You Can Learn From Your Competitors Linking Strategy?

Analyzing your competitors' links is an excellent way to increase your own Link Popularity by finding the places where your competitors are building their Link Popularity. It is important to know if your competitors are building their Link Popularity within your industries links or if they are manufacturing their own Link Popularity from within their own network of sites.

We not only reveal how many sites are linked to your competitors , we also do the same for your site. In addition, we analyze the quality of these links, find out what they are saying about you and your competitors , and check for broken links as well.

We expose your competitor's linking strategy, which in turn enables you to implement a superior Link Popularity program for your own site, which is essential to the success of your online business. We can help you to build these links. We locate potential link candidates and carefully explain the benefit in linking to your site. We believe in "quality" and "quantity." However, please remember that one good link can be more important than hundred bad links.

What Our Clients Have Quickly Learned

We just finished a link project for a Phoenix Real Estate company where we gathered more than 38,000 links from the top ranking real estate sites on four major engines. After we carefully went through all of these links we discovered over 978 potential link candidates for our client's Website. These were links where they could submit their site as a resource and swap links with non-competitor sites. This client was not interested in swapping links with other real estate agents. They needed to know all of the places that their competitors were going to get their Link Popularity so they could take advantage of these links. When we completed our research this client knew the entire structure of links that flowed "into" and "out of" the Phoenix area for "Phoenix Real Estate" on the Internet.

Here's How it Works

There is no magic formula here. We run link reports on the top ranking sites on four major engines to see who is ranking well for your targeted keywords. We then carefully go through each of your competitors' link reports looking for places where they are linked throughout the Internet. We highlight these potential link candidates and contact them with a request to submit your site as a resource or request a reciprocal link. Yes, this takes time, but it is worth every precious link and I can almost guarantee you that you competitors are NOT doing this. Why, because it takes too much effort and they are not sure exactly the type of link that they will be looking for that will best benefit their Link Popularity campaign.

Eight Steps We Take To Ensure tThat You Get Results

  1. We evaluate your market, target audience and the specific needs of your business.
  2. We seek out sites in your targeted marketplace that are highly relevant to your target audience and are considered to be strong link candidates.
  3. We find these strong link candidates based on our proven criteria from years of Internet marketing experience. We ensure that each link candidate will benefit your Website's link reputation. We search and screen your potential link partners on the major search engines, directories, vertical industry portal sites (i.e. portals), discussion lists, edited Web guides, e-zines, webzines, eDigests and offline Web directories.
  4. We send carefully targeted requests to these link candidates on your behalf.
  5. We take NO shortcuts. No automated software is ever used. We use a personal touch to generate valuable link partners for your site.
  6. We exhaustively follow up on the process. All sites will not link back to a site seeking link popularity, and many will not link back immediately. Expect to allow 2-3 months or more after posting the links for full results from your campaign to manifest and all incoming links to be established. Our job includes continued follow-up on this ongoing process. Additions of new link partners to your links list and removal of non-linking sites. Our experience demonstrates a high percentage of carefully targeted sites in a Link Popularity campaign will be linked to your site if they understand the value and benefit of becoming your link partner. We also develop an HTML page listing for each of these key sites. This page will be delivered to you for easy uploading and seamless integration with your Website. As soon as this page is posted and we are notified of the exact link page URL, we can complete the initial contact process by notifying each potential link partner individually about your site. In a personal email we detail exactly why they should reciprocate with a link from their site to your site.
  7. We review our Link Popularity campaign's results with you to ensure it is the foundation you need to reach your target market on other key sites. The effect of your Link Popularity campaign can take up to three months or longer. Some engines are slow on reporting new links to sites. This depends on the particular search engine's crawling cycle. Our service is an important step in a long-term, committed effort on your part toward effective site promotion and networking.
  8. We formulate an expansion plan. We strongly encourage you to continue the linking process we have started, whether on your own or with additional targeted campaigns from our firm. As the Internet expands, you need to keep expanding your reach as well. As you know, traffic will come from sites linking to you directly. Significant traffic will also come from the search engines and directories as your positioning improves. This is a direct result and benefit from your Link Popularity campaign. The ultimate amount of links you should have depends on your marketplace. S ome industries need 50 to 500 links while others may need 1000 plus links. We will scan your marketplace to determine how many quality links are needed in your marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions About Link Popularity

  1. What is "Link Popularity"? - First of all, Link Popularity is essential to driving traffic to your site. Link Popularity is determined by how many sites have linked to your site. Each link to your Website can be interpreted as a vote of confidence . The more votes you have, the more important your Website is in the eyes of a Search Engine. Some votes are worth much more than others. Therefore, the type of votes (i.e. links) we obtain for you is very important. In other words, a vote from an important and related Website is more important than a vote from a smaller site with less traffic and content. The popularity of a linked site directly equates to the ranking you achieve with the search engines. So if a high traffic site links to your site, the search engines perceive that both sites must be popular. You can now see that it is more important to have high quality links to your site than just a high quantity of links to your site. However, the ideal goal is to have a high quantity of quality sites linking to your site.
  2. How Does Link Popularity Affect Search Engine Rankings? - If two sites are equally optimized with the same Search Engine algorithms, the site with the better Link Popularity will ALWAYS outrank the other site every time. Link Popularity is a focal point of all the top Search Engines' ranking criteria. By not having a strong Link Popularity campaign for your web site is like having a high-performance race car with an empty gas tank.
  3. How Do Search Engines Calculate Link Popularity? - The Search Engines' spiders will crawl your site shortly after you submit it for indexing. This is to determine the theme of your Website. Links from relevant wWebsites are valuable to the top Search Engines in determining your rank.

    The following three points are what Search Engines use to calculate Link Popularity (Your Link Popularity campaign MUST have all three of the following elements to be successful or you will have trouble getting and keeping a top position):

•  Words on the Page - This is called " Keyword Density" .very important to all top ranking pages.
•  Total Number of links - This is called " Link Popularity " (as explained above).
•  The Text of the Referring link - This is called "Link Reputation". These are links that are pointed to your Website. This is a critical part of ranking in all modern Search Engines.

  1. Should You Use Link Farms? - If you put your valuable links on link farms, it can work actually work against you. Search Engines are becoming more and more sophisticated every day. They have the ability to measure a Website's Link Popularity criteria with great accuracy. We advise our clients to stay away from link farms and FFA (Free-For-All) Links. If you use this kind of strategy, you run a genuine risk of getting your site banned from major engines.
  2. What If You Are Linking to the Wrong Site? - We have developed a certain criteria that we look for in your potential link candidates. We are looking for sites that are industry specific to your targeted marketplace. We avoid linking to the wrong type of site that can damage your Search Engine rankings. We take the time to investigate link candidates one site at a time. We are only interested in getting you lasting link partners for your site.
  3. Do You Link Me to My Competitors? NO. We look for complementary sites that serve your market and appear on the Search Engines under the keywords of your choice. Our goal is to establish a professional and mutually beneficial relationship on your behalf with the right link partners for your business. This guarantees that you will have strong link partners for a very long time.
  4. How Do You Evaluate a Link? - The process of evaluating a strong link starts with an accurate measurement of a link candidate's existing link structure and compare it to top ranked sites for your targeted keywords. Each keyword with its synonyms is entered into an engines search query. The resulting top 5-10 websites of each keyword-theme and synonym are cataloged. Then a specialized tool extracts the link structure of each competitors' site. The link is then analyzed. The strongest link candidates are then contacted on your behalf with an offer to exchange links for your mutual benefit.
  5. What Are the Different Kinds Of Links? - There Are Three Types of Links:

•  INBOUND LINKS - Links that point to a particular page on your site
•  OUTBOUND LINKS - Links from a particular page to an outside site
•  INTERNAL LINKS - Links from pages in your site to other pages in your site

Both inbound and outbound links are factors in determining Link Popularity. The right number of quality inbound and outbound links will have a great impact in positioning a Website for a top ranking. Internal links have an impact on Search Engine positioning as well.

  1. What Is More Important: Inbound or Outbound Links (i.e. Link Structure)? - You increase your Inbound Link Popularity by linking to sites that are industry specific to yours but not to direct competitors. You increase your Outbound Link Popularity by having your outgoing links to sites that are also industry specific to your marketplace. Both of these are important. As far as Internal Links are concerned, you should link all of your sub pages from your home page. It is important to accomplish this if you want to obtain better rankings. If you build your site and internal links in this manner, a search engine can find the various pages on your site whenever they visit your home page. Furthermore, some engines will not spider more than a few levels deep. Last but NOT least, it is crucial that your keywords are being used in the text links that are pointing to pages within your site. In fact, this is a vital to ALL of your links . This is extremely important. It can make the difference between a top ranking and being invisible.
  2. What Are Link Checks? - Broken links on your Website are not only frustrating to your visitors but they can be roadblocks to Search Engines seeking to spider your site. Statistics tell us that more than 5% of links on the Internet are broken! We will search your site to test each link. We will report back to you on each link's test results. Don't let broken links convey an unprofessional image of your company. An optimal link structure will dramatically enhance Search Engine rankings.
  3. What Type Of Reciprocal Link Should I Provide? - You will be asked to post a link on your site pointing back at your link candidate's site. We will assist you in creating a links page that will benefit your Link Popularity strategy. We will copy a page from your site and modify it so it's your Link Exchange page. This keeps your look consistent throughout your site.
  4. Should Link Popularity Software Be Utilized? - Software can identify potential Link Partners but you still need someone to contact each link candidate individually. An Internet marketing and consulting firm like that contacts sites in your industry demonstrates a professional image from your company. It also gives them the respect that they deserve.

Link Popularity is a necessity in achieving the best possible positioning on the major search engines and directories. In other words, if you are not linked, you may be invisible or close to it. The quality and quantity of your traffic directly equates to the amount of your sales. It's that simple. Our goal with you is to establish or add to your network of incoming links in order to increase the quality and quantity of your traffic.

Our highest priority is customer satisfaction. We believe in "under-promise" and "over-deliver" and guarantee results our clients can count on. To ensure a maximum return of investment (ROI) and optimum results for a search engine advertising campaign, we strongly advise our clients to choose a combination of "Link Popularity", "Paid Placement Listings" and "Search Engine Optimization" marketing programs.

Need Some Real Help?

Building Link Popularity can be somewhat difficult to manage at times and you can waste a lot of time if not executed properly. We can help you with your Link Popularity campaign. Use our contact form to tell us about your project and we will get back to you within 24 hours to go over your options based on your targeted marketplace.

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