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About Us

Convert Business Analysis& Search Engine Strategies is a full service Internet marketing and consulting firm. WPA understands that ALL Internet marketing is a process, NOT a one-time project. We are completely and passionately committed to the fact that the Internet marketing requires continual education and research

WPA believes that maximum success for our clients can only be achieved if we use the most advanced and informed marketing techniques, translated through technology, to capitalize on ALL marketing channels being used in your industry.

WPA is able to build on the successes that we learn from top competitors in the marketplaces that we manage for our clients. These successes give our clients an advantage over their competitors and have an immediate impact on their marketing campaigns.

Our Mission
Our Services

Our mission is to significantly increase your online market reach and brand awareness, thereby maximizing the return on your website investment. We devote the necessary time to understand your business,

your competitors, your industry, your message, and your marketing goals.

Armed with this information we perform the research and analysis required to understand the language used byyour most qualified prospects, and then work with you to build and implement a customized strategy to ensure that they find your website more frequently when searching for the products, services or information they need.

We specialize in the following services:
Complete analysis of your competitor's strengths
Complete analysis of your competitor's Search Engine strategies
Complete analysis of your competitor's Pay-Per-Click strategies
Complete analysis of your competitor's Link Popularity strategies
Complete analysis of your targeted marketplace
Complete Search Engine Optimization based on what is working

Our Commitment

WPA offers a level of commitment that every online business should insist upon: As marketing professionals, we commit that we will significantly increase the volume of qualified visitors and potential customers to your Website. 

David Dimas

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Identify your bounce rate
Includes 18 cool web tools
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