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Convert Business Analysis & Search Engine Strategies  
Our Covert Business Analysis (CBA) will provide you with virtually EVERYTHING that your competitors are doing online to market their website. We reveal all of their secrets on how they market their online businesses.

The CBA is an exhaustive, comprehensive report and analysis that enables you to integrate a successful marketing plan with pinpoint accuracy. This plan is not based on what you think or what we think is working to capture high-conversion traffic.
We specialize in the following services:
Complete analysis of your competitor's strengths
Complete analysis of your competitor's Search Engine strategies
Complete analysis of your competitor's Pay-Per-Click strategies
Complete analysis of your competitor's Link Popularity strategies
Complete analysis of your targeted marketplace
Complete Search Engine Optimization based on what is working
Target Your Marketing Campaign
Web-Based Software That Tracks Your Visitors
Use Target Analyst For 30 days - FREE!
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Count Your Visitors - 16 Counter styles
Count Your Visitors - This is dedicated to offering its users a professional, reliable counter service.

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Staying On Top
Target Your Marketing Analysis
Continual analysis of your Web competitors and their pages is an essential part of competitive analysis and the best technique for optimizing your own pages and staying on top in your marketplace.
We can help you analyze your competition. Our staff will determine if your site is listed in the major search engines and how well your keywords are performing. We will also examine your HTML Syntax Code to make sure it is easy for search engine spiders to crawl and index your Web pages.
Which Keywords do your competitor's target?
Which search engines give them top rankings?
Which keywords are they targeting on Pay-Per-Click Engines?
Who is linked to your competitor's website?
How much are they paying for these PPC keywords?
Which online trade directories are your competitors targeting?
Benefits of Target Analyst
Tracks your visitor habits in real time.
Sends you an email when an action is taken.
Know your website stats at the end of each day ! Read More>>
Easily Manage Your Marketing Campaign
Know the exact path your visitor's use to navigate your site.
Know visitor habits down to the very month, week, day or hour. Read More>>
Why you should use Target Analyst
Every Web page with HTML code can be tracked with Target Analyst and it won't interfere with any other software.
We are so confident that Target Analyst will help you that you can use it for 30 days - FREE! Click Here for Details

Web Tools
Site Popularity Analyser
This tool measures your website popularity.
Meta Tag Scanner
This tool scans your website for meta tags and makes recommendations.
Link Validator
This tool allows you to check your website s for any broken links.
Browser & Ip Look Up
This tool allows you to enter any IP address and it will give you the domain name, and the country where it came from.
Meta Tag Generator
This tool generates properly formatted META tags that you can copy/paste into your pages.
Web Page Snooper
This tool allows you to see the HTML code that renders the page in your browser.
Word Counter
WordCounter ranks the most frequently used words in any given body of text. Use this to see what words you overuse (is everything a "solution" for you?) or maybe just to find some keywords from a document.
Robots.txt Generator
This tool allows you to create a robots.txt file for your domain.
HTML Purifier
Enter the URL of any page you want to view and select the HTML Purity Level.
Search Engine Simulator
This tool will simulate a search engine listing for the page associated with your URL.
Link Cloaker
This tool allows you to hide your affiliate program link from your visitors.
Keyword Density Analyser
This tool counts keywords automatically and calculates "keyword density" with just a click of your mouse.
Conversion Track
This service allow you to get report from apache web server log file.
Pay Per Click Calculator
If you are thinking about getting into a bit of Pay-Per-Click marketing, it is a good idea to know what your maximum bid should be. There is no doubt that Pay-Per-Click is the fastest way to drive traffic to your website.
Related Keyword Search
This tool allow you to see the related search on Overture, Yahoo and Teoma for a specific keyword.
Web Page Size Cheker
Check out your website size here!
Screen Size Tester
See how your site looks in different sizes in IE and Netscape.
Lynx Viewer
This tool allows web authors to see what their pages will look like (sort of) when viewed with Lynx, a text-mode web browser.
HTTP Header View
This tool allows you to inspect the HTTP headers that your web server is sending along with your files.
HTML Color Chart
This creative tool lets you choose the background color using a color table.
Domain Inspect
DomainInspect is a feature-rich domain name checker software, enabling you to quickly and conveniently find desired domain names to register.
BandWidth Test Speed
This tool measures the band width rate to our website by downloading a test file from our servers to your PC.
This tool allows you to enter any IP address and it will find you the domain name associated with it.

Who We Work With

We have performed our Covert Business Analysis (CBA) for top firms in the Computer (IBM), Law Firms & Real Estate, Pharmaceutical, Herbal, Hotel, Personal Injury, Securities Fraud, Life & Health insurance, Personal Fitness, Merchant Accounts, Corporate Apparel, Debt Settlement, Steel and Drug Testing industries.

We are very selective about who we choose to work with. We do not work in the porno industry, get rich schemes, or companies employing spamming techniques. If you are serious about marketing your product or services online, we can provide you a blue print that you need to best position your company in front of your targeted marketplace.

you can call or email us at and we will contact you with 24 hours.

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Target Analyst Benefits

No software to install
Manage multiple sites
Track PPC campaigns
Website navigation analysis
View visitor behavior
Increase conversions
E-commerce analysis
Instant results
Identify your bounce rate
Includes 18 cool web tools
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